Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bulat's First Nuffnang Event

First and foremost,would like to thank GPS for bringing us to a malay wedding.

The event was supposed to start at 2pm and there I was stuck in the neighbourhood...had to call Ann from Nuffnang to say that I will be late. First time going for a Nuffnang event and I am late. very good ah bulat!! -_-!

Was a lil worried at first cause I will stone in an environment that I know no one O_O But my heart....hahaha felt lighter the moment I saw familiar faces! Actually as soon as I found the cafe (which ah...took me a while cause I kept going into elevators that bring me no where! O_O) I started scanning to see if I know anyone (^^")
I sat next to MissyMiyen during the talk, whom I recognized from her blog! Had random thoughts to myself while stealing glances at her...hahaha (no manners bulat! did not even intro myself!)

Within 10 minutes or so, I pitied her. Cause every now and then, some random person would kacau her say,"Excuse Me." cause she's pretty :D. Well other than that is cause her seat so strategic, everyone wants to walk pass it to get to the other side!
Both Ernest and Chee Ching were so good!! I bet everyone was mesmerized by their "magic show!" *laughs* I no kidding one last post!! Keng leh the way they draw! Now I just gotta see Miao's! Heard it's faster than lightning ah! pewpewpew!! (piupiupiu??)

*paiseh* I started eating halfway during the talk...cause so hungry! T_T my stomach's orchestra later louder than their speeches...They both gave sooo many good tips and all. I regretted not bringing pen&paper T_T Some more with my brain capacity..hurhurhur. In the end I prayed hard, and lucky other bloggers were hardworking, unlike me T_T *steals info from their blogs*
Also...short attention span. :P hahaha! Ernest's shirt really looked like he wore it inside out! I was staring at it quite long, in the end of the day I actually touched his sleeve to check. Feel like a mom suddenly-_-! Kns.
I love Sarah!! (One of Malaysia's top comic artist) She's a bundle of joy and positiveness!! O_O Her speech was hebat ah!!! Inspired me to do something that I wanted to do for a looooooongest time, but din't get my lazy ass to do it :(  Will be for my 2013 resolution!! And yes....the browniesss T_T Cause I was asking her tons of questions!! Dragged Ras in somemore! sorryyyyy!! Luckily they refilled it! If not I don't know how....huhuhu.

Omgosh! Meet Staci!! O_O I don't know who starstruck who at that point. hahahaha! Her paper dolls are like one of the cutest things on earth!! If they were stickers, I would stick them everywhere !!! EVERYWHERE! I tell you! EVERYWHERE! *shows serious look*nodsnods* Am so happy she came up to me, if not I will never know who is behind the cute paper dolls T_T
Everyone's mini souvenier! :D:D Can't get over Ernest's #likeabaws signature and ah pek looks like he's wearing sarong! :P

And...Staci, (if you ever stumbled upon here) since you ask why I am called bulat although I don't look very bulat...Here is my bulat proof. Now also got, I just hide my roundness well. :P


  1. i'll be attending my first ever nuffnang event tonight and i am feeling uneasy because i don't know anyone. sked awkward moments dimhou!!!

    btw, really likey your illustration berry cute! :)

    baby's time tummy sure big one donnowhy. now sure not as bulat jor...

  2. How cute of you! And your drawings are very good, keep it on. It's cute and fun

  3. hahaha i imagine all those things you said XD
    checking sleeve etc. hahaha sounds like you

  4. Hey, you baby photo is so cute la!

  5. Waseh... you drew me in such detail! Thank you ah. Haha *paiseh* I wanna take picture with you next time I see you ah *jots down*

    And like the above, adorable post :D

  6. im gonna follow you from now on.. kekekeke ooo..i saw Ras in here oooo

  7. bulat~ so cute larh~ncie to meet you :D
    yeah ernest & cheeching both are so geng the magic show !! *wonder meow drawing too*

  8. Awww that was you in the last photo?
    So so so cutee!!

  9. Hehe... hope I get a chance to join nuffnang events in the future... ^^

  10. Constance Ant : ^^ Good to see ur 1st nuffnang event was good!!~ keke. Still bulat ah! I always had a bulat tummy since baby hahaha

    Jennifer FurFer:thank you! ^^ Work hard!!

    Jian Akiraceo : Hahahaa!! I do that when I am reading blogs of ppl I know also! Miao is DEFINITELY U!!!

    cheryl chan: LOL! SO ROUND LA! I was born underweight and by 3 months, was overweight HAHAHA the doc asked my mom what she did.

    Missymiyen: ^^ Paiseh...Hardly take photos actually. haha

    Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: I loveeeee your typography!!~

    Ras: so we set 2013 resolution!! see miao's drawing!!

    Hayley : LOL sososo round!

    Tony Teh: Awhs! I never thought so far! hahaha Will work my best first!! Thank you for always coming to support my mini blog! T_T *touched*

    BlackSesame: Sure got! Then we can play instax together! :D:D

  11. not sure which one was you, but hope to be able to see you in any upcoming comic drawing events!! :D

  12. ohh i don know you check out my blog!!!.. thank you!!! hahahahaha

  13. Love your drawings! so cute! and, followed! Hi there :)

    1. ^^ hello~~ Thank you and wow, you have so many blogs!