Monday, March 11, 2013


Gachapon is something I waste my money on. *laughs* but the machine was dispensing ONE PIECE'S BOAT!! O_O too bad sold out. Hence I wanted the key to get the display units on top.


But um..yea, am blogging bout it now..... ^^" haha & I guess holding people's shirt is a bad habit of mine ..

Please tell me you guys have done this before....and that I am not alone ...and that I'm gonna throw away ah pek's common colour jacket (yes, blaming on the jacket!) T_T hahaha. Btw this happened over the weekend......T_T and yea, I have done it before in the past also...

Let's meet bulat during college. I think this one is hard to forget because the lady actually responded to me ! & I had to make small talk with her!
p.s// btw baggy shirts FTW! Wore a lot of baggy shirts in the past. haha! Like super baggy till you can fit another human inside , with horrible taglines like "I dowan lonely..." hahaha! O_O mostly the reason was to hide my tummy and I can slouch whole day during lectures.
Don't even remember what was the thing she was choosing anymore....But in the end she followed my advise and took the one I suggested ....haha her hubby asked her if I was a friend....

Friend for 3 minutes got la *sweat*

I know another common one is holding the wrong hand in the cinema! *laughs* I have never done it but have friends (yes, more than one!) who has done it (accidentally of course! or maybe not? :P) before!

Oh and I am so sorry for my slow updates T_T sob* Will be having Jap exam this wednesday and finishing up my friend's wedding video drawings. I guess I need to draw faster....I need a fastforward button.....^^"

But feel free to follow my Instagram to see my mini daily rubbish! Usually is just tons of food pics...but yea^^" it's very alive.


  1. Haha this is funny la!

    Oh, having exam? Good luck then!

  2. Oh, HAHAHAH!!! This is so funny but cute at the same time!! Lololol I don't usually holding on people's shirt so thankfully I never got this kind of experience...the worst one is following my 'mom' from behind until I got lost, I think! :""
    Ahhh why your drawing is so cute!!! *O*

  3. Its ok babe, I faced it when I was younger LOL. And the fella I hold is a guy and I thought "he" is my mom zz

  4. having exam!?? good luck yo!!!! kekekeke..i pray for you ahhhh *namonamonamonamo*

  5. wahahahahahahhahaha
    super funny lar you XD
    and ah pek really positive 99 hahaha

    i ever done something similar before.. but i shall keep it for a blogging topic too :D

  6. Hahahaaha, so cute!! OMG ur comic is super cute!!! XD

  7. apparently i had these few times. shirt kena pulled by stranger. *look with doubt*

    all the best with ur jap test!

  8. Haha...cute habit... but too bad I don't have a "he" to pull shirt...XD

    1. Paiseh, very long time didn't visit your blog cause I busy for awhile... Hope you continue blogging and reveal your "secret" more! XD

  9. i used to hold on to my mother shirt... does this count?? =D
    but luckily i never hold on to the wrong person hand or shirt..kekeke

  10. Hayley: haha embarrassing during that time.

    Prisilia Felicia : aiks@ but lucky u found ur mama back? how did you find her back?

    Jennifer FurFer: haha how long did you hold his hand for?

    Mr Lonely: haha paiseh la

    Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: hahaha thank u!!!!

    Jian Akiraceo: LOL I shall wait for it!!!

    bandan: hahah yours more cute!

    Kim Hang: *u-hm* i will be careful frm now haha

    BlackSesame: aik! want to pull shirt meh! hahaha

    yuyue: hahaha if see leng jai next time can "accidentally" pull aso geh :P

  11. At first I was confused why you pulling another guy's shirt and why is your gf infront of you... then it hit me! Hahaha.. really funny ;D

    Are you learning jap? Where at?

  12. AHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Don't ever change, dear.. I rather you be like that then you changing to be more serious.. Lol.. Ah pek knows you well though.. Knows that this can be blog content.. LOL.. BTW did you win the t-shirt contest? I just realised it's been ages but I didn't find out in the end if you did..

  13. Omoshiroi Ya: haha mistake T_T learning jap at AtoZ! :)

    crystal-jun: hahahah meh! not bout being serious T_T it's bout being...careless? ya, i did !!FB u later