Wednesday, September 11, 2013

getting help

T_T I'm a weakling. *laughs* my arms really just fats. no muscle -_-'' And I depend too much on ah pek and my brother anyone who is with me at that moment to do the job for me....So when they are not around. I don't have much choice kan?

Lucky the girl din't run away with her boyfriend thinking I'm nuts.

haha T_T

But I'm not the only one! Brother Bear once could not decide what to eat for he asked a stranger what was his favourite food and ate that for lunch. HAHAHAHA! WHATLARH!


  1. Haha, I always pass the mineral water to my bf immediately after I bought it. He automatically knows what to do wan. xD

  2. LOL, this is funny and cute ya!

  3. ROFLMAO! Like dat oso can! ahaha if me, i will go to one of the shops and ask a guy to help me, wait i did it once before. AHAHAHAHA

  4. should get the aunty to open it for u so not so awkward :P that brother bear is weird la like that... haha

  5. cheryl chan : hehe means I am not the only one! my brother always say why i so weak whenever i pass to him T_T but some are really tight!

    Paopao: haha asking the couple part? & prolly scaring them off too at that point.

    Hayley: haha lucky couple din't run away ah. no water drink.

    Caroline Ng May Ling: HAHAHAHA!!!! SAMELA!

    HenRy LeE: man more strong ma! haha! but brother bear by doing that prolly saved a lot of time thinking what to eat though ahhaaha

  6. hahaha. funny. love your drawings wei. :D