Monday, May 8, 2006

mac vs pc

Ish..i wanted to type a bundle of nonsensical stuffs(you know what happens when the 3 of us..only 3 cukupliao...) we can bring down the entire house if we want to...of course we dont cause we are after all...understanding...people....(uh-huh laughing like hyenas while talking bout sex at 12am)

anyway...lyn send me this mac is better webbie. its those typical....pepsi is better than coke!! MacD is better than KFC!! Whisper is better than Kotex!! Xiaxue is better than Kennysia!! (and tons more im better!!! ads which i currently cannot think of..bah)_ but of course..Durex is so far the best no?: D

and after a while...all these gets a lil...tiring..~_~ i know i know..its marketing..i know i know...its gimmicks..i know i know..its MEANT TO BE. but seriously after watching the why Macs are better ads....i dont know why....i somehow feel so sorry for PC that i want to tuck it in the bed and lullaby it to sleep.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA chamcham** keliankelian* let people pijak.

i knowlarh mac is better...sigh when you are in the design line..everything is MAC. Mac is best.. everyone uses Mac. Mac doesnt shut down. Mac doesnt hang kei(i hate this bout PC but i see Mac hang kei a lot of times also ok?! esp TOA's wan..kns). Mac has a lot functions. Mac does not have virus. Mac is user-friendly.(everything is user friendly after you get close and intimate with it!!) Mac is stylo-milo. Mac is updated. Mac is original . MAC IS APPLEMAC.

I DO KNOW MAC ROCKS!!!~*(this is brainwashing from everyone who uses a mac...and people who used to use Pc and changed into MAc and than fell in love with MAC spell and charm)

but.....but...i love my PC!!~1st mac is ultra expensive(recalls sexay chan when she want to cahnge her motherboard...the price was equivilent to a whole brand new PC)..maybe its cheaper now but ...pc will be way cheaper no matter what: D you can do almost everything with PC!! and i do mean everything.. yeslarh virusses hang keis and what nots mafaness but ...cause it allows everything... hahaha basically i dont have to worry MAC version? can use arh? got firewallarh?..hey!! no virus from mac of coursela..everything aso no entry sign you say leh.

i no entry sign your mouth..and there will be no fat people on this planet also larh(prob very sadsad people..)

i dont know..maybe in years to come.. MAc will RULE THE WORLD!!!(wah...Mojojojo style...Macjojojo style they can start)

but...okay back to what i wanted to say in the 1st place...ish bulat..focus!!...the ads..they used a young man for Mac. an old man for PC. call me emo. call me touchy....but the Pc looks so you know how i feel!? like my dad who has been working for ages~ trying to keep up...working so hard to bring home money to feed us..keep the roof above our heads. than when got virus and one cares for him anymore....

WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! T________________________T

sad!!! i feel so charm....sigh..after all who can resist a SUPERHUMAN young man..who doesnt have viruses. is sOO up to date.doesnt shut down. doesnt restart. and reads wall street journal GASP!!* Pc prob reads some stone age paper that he made it up himself!!(omg tat was lame)

MAC lives forever!!!!ROAR!!!*

still.. i love my PC: D Lolz....that is whyyyy....if you have the money and space...go get both: D (that is jun mei Lolz keng nyer)

SERIOUSLY : D you cant live with can live with both: D(who cares bout the lame line: D)

p/s. i think it only matters to design people...or those need to do really everyday computer work..or hip happening people..or mau muka people..if go ask my mum(oklarh maybe cause she older generation also)..." as long can on n type my documentslarh..what is mac n pc?"....same ans when you ask her "aijo as long my phone can take in calls and call outlarh...what is nokia RM2.5k and nokia RM299"

________________________________a post dedicated to anne: D

jengjengjeng!! anne you still watch jap movies a not: D cause i d/l this new show:D


its about a rocker girl who went to become a flight cabin attendent.
original webbie
download web 1 and download web 2

ngekngekngek**: D Nishikido Ryou is inside okay: D

than i have this!!: D
hard gay!!!!
dont worry anne!! its not p0rn!!: D but i ensure you loads of laughter: D...hmmm or confusion LOL!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

before yumcha...this must happen..ZzzZZzz-ness!!!!
ps/ i know..hahahaha im fatter way fatter!~but its a drawing mah: P itz eazier to draw and less to colour~
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