Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a full fat mark(almost)

"comecome estee that day didnt check your body fat"
"erm....lets see..hold here okay..."
*insert the scream picture here*

i think...hahahah our faces were worse.

28.8% body fat


old body fat was at 30%

ZZzzzZZZzz...6 months of gym to lose 1% of body fat is like.....WHAT THE FREAKIN FISH BANANA CAKE

so people who always say "estee you so small size" " estee you not that fat also"

i declare that im almost obese.......30% fat = obese.
normal healthy person should be around 22% fat
the maximum fat you should have is around 24%. not more.
my kns china pork trainer is at a freakin 12% body fat.
he said he put on weight since last time when he 1st came was at 9% body fat only.


sports people memang around 15% body fat(this is a darn healthy person..and thats what my trainer wants me to achieve..siao)

if you see those fitness blahblah on TV....women at age 45 and above has less than 10% body fat..

so now i ask you

am i fat?!

.....please dont answer me.

*sit at corner and cry*

...T^T i want ice cream...

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