Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the big 22!!!

our dear forty triple D reaches double today: D

the big 22!!!!!


soon this number will slowly devour each and everyone in the group. LOL.

sad to say. there wasnt any plans. im feeling kind of dead by now. thought of doing some work in the end blogging for 4 hours straight. but never the less, i love and sek my dai boh lyn loadsloads!!! shes the mother of boobies that we will never have!!! : D

plus it wasnt a good start for the 4 of us...erm.

considering 4 of us went for lunch at SS2 yesterday. all ended up with weird quirmy feelings in thier tummy.

retarded drawing.

lyn has the worse. bones were aching. fever. tummy pain. in simple terms food poisoninglarh..Lols ^^'' on her birthday.

mitch the le mistress had her usuals "mild feverish teary eyed" symptoms.

main mata goldfish just had this "funny feeling in the stomach" careful....God knows what will suddenly jump out LOL

me the bulat had mild diarrhoea and weird tummy flips. despite that, i had my regular 3 full meals + 2 cuppa teas. hungry wei! !!

but it was definately the soya beannnnn. see my tongue not the non sensitive everything wallop okay. i know when something is wrong..thats why...me and main mata goldfish never finish the drink: P minimalized the symptoms.

as quoted yesterday.

"eh something wrong with the soya bean"
lyn stares at her empty cup.... ._.

all's better during lunch when ecuplyn received an autographed indie CD all the way from HK china...not sure of loc but definately chinese. i remembered the canto singing..which i decipher the lyrics terribly...~_~'

take a look!!! : D: D this might be a lot next time*kena knock by lyn*

uh* i meant feel thier generosity : D

lyn thanked them a million times and more : D

it was like a birthday present by accident. ops. that reminds me... our birthday present with sexay chan. er....

at night, i just bought 2 slices of cake for ecuplyn. im awfully broke. like seriously broke. and really... i arh..darn thick skin.. i prob ate like...3/4 of the cakes.

eh dont playplay. i lighted the candles!! : D i think can countle. my 4th/5th time using matches. LOL.

not only she had to see my kns way of doing things. she had to stand my silly out of tune singing. candle poking. wrong jokes all in one day. some more not any ordinary day. her birthday. i bet she wantd to stab the candles on her boobs or something.

and then she blew DARN fast like so paiseh like that. i 1 picture pun tak ader. 4 candles too lil larh. lets wait for your 100th birthday.

but hopefully can replace today with something better though i knowlarh they went for karaoke.(pics up laterssss or wait for le mistresslar) but still, i dont think i ever decently belanja-ed lyn before. please ar, 1 slurpee is so not counted ~_~

so i wish our dear ecupfortytripleDlyn many happy joyful piantai psycho lesbo everything not normal days to come!!!!: D
xoxoxox you know we love youuuuu~ : 3

oh! : P see!!

and everyone has been talking bout his eyebrows.. i tell you no matter what wont beat sexay chan geh LOL.

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