Wednesday, March 21, 2007

an ADVANCED update

i think i would be busy for days to come. well.. i have to be busy if i wanna keep my butt on that current chair of mine. if now kena kick that time . owwww x 3.

anyways, since its an advance update and if this is a blog where whatever i type today with tommorrow's date would come true tommorrow. you would see sentences such as

"woke up once again feeling great knowing the fact that the doctor release a note saying i wont be putting on anymore weight despite what i eat anymore"

dated tommorrow.

Wahahahahahahaahhahahahaahah ; D

of course that was just an EXAMPLE. if everything i write really comes true.. this will be a never ending post and being the

nice person i am..will write for my friends (AND ENEMIES) as well: P


just an update so my blog wont look so Dead. anyone wants my password to write crap?: D

movies i have watched thus far. (in no particular order) no sypnosis cuase i wrote once(make that many times) for mukhsin and after reading so many great writeups(write outs?) out there. i decided to put my pen down.

plus my reviews are always the same.....either turning to one big sypnosis that makes people confused or conning people into watching something i really lurrrvvveedddd but ...they always complain to me after that. (the only non mistake i made was "1 litre of tears")


a true malaysian production that will touch your heart as much as sepet did.
(sepet made me cry BUCKETS. Thank God mukhsin just put goofy grins on my face)

mukhsin is a show that i will watch AND WILL watch over and over again until i vomit blood. like seriously. its just me and fuzzy stories like these that touch your heart at that very right moment. i dont knowlarh what moment but looking at young kids experiencing 1st love very touching wan okay.

mukhsin tucking in orked's hair absent mindedly while they are on the tree and her feet twitching was like THE CUTE.

though i thought this show might have more affect on the *uh-hm* late twenties and above.*stares at yoga* but everyone gets fuzzy feelings from love stories. what more something that digs back to your past will trigger somethinglarh.reminiscence? yarh( i sound Old..wait i AM OLD. dont point that out to me..and omg see how they make ice cream?! thats how my family made ice creams to sell wayyy back! and i bet 80% of girls were tomboys when young) and yes true to its tagline.

everyone *DOES* have a first love story to tell

What? dont tell me you dont. i will dig out your past 1st love like mine when i met McDonald's. ahh....his happy favourite colour ah ma...okay next.

p.s// if anyone has the song hujan please freaking send it to me. you dont know what i will do!! oh! probably pray for your longevity of life every night before i sleep..or..once i wake up..or...when i remember...uh-hm*but i will pray with 101% : D. (doesnt help sumore nowadays everynight hujan)oh!oh! i ...really dint like the neighbour's lil girl...BLEAH but it just shows that...shes a great actress...can make me hate her LOL. OHOH!!! the "young jason" aka chinese boy SO DARN CUTE! MAU CUBIT AND COOK! wahahahahaha: D


ah....i initially didnt want to watch dreamgirls. it looks so commercialized. not like moulin rouge when it came out, it looked so....excitingly dark. hahaha indirectly. but in the end dreamgirls wasnt that bad.

though there was 1 song i felt it was too long and tad a bit too loud. plus the whole singing and dancing thing was like on stage(cause like stage performancesmar) and sometimes a tad too far cause fight also sing. sad also sing. happy also sing. but nothing beats evita. REALLY SING.

. i dont know why when i watched this movie....

but in the end, its not just a pretty flashy movie. it touches on notbadlarh. the music will get into you ONCE the movie is over. its like then you realize. "okay what, the songs". and you must admit, it was hard noticing boyonce at 1st and acting was really not bad O_o

.somehow reminded me of destiny's child.

but...: D i think im still ripping the songs off the net LOL. and oh the song will get stuck in your head " we areee yourrr dreaaammmgirlssssS" and i cant stop laughing..."there! the CREAMETTES!!!!" "..its the DREAMETTES!!!!!"

somehow i like creamettes.

p.s// their official web very the complete=='


water is bout the widows in india. it is written in sanskirt(i dont know my history but it was something like this) that if a woman's husband would pass away. either she was 1. burned with her husband 2. remarry to her husbands younger brother or 3. just be exiled to a widow's ashram.

it starts with an 8 year old child whom doesnt know head. doesnt know tail. husband died of sickness and had to live the rest of her days with the other widows. there she learned the days of living. making friends with the other widows. witnessing eyes differently from other 8 year olds.

story shifts from her to other widows. particularly a super old lady who seems to rule the widow's ashram. her arms(triceps there) were so flabby. when she swayed her arms... the flabby bits SWINGED as if it would slapped you off. SERIOUS. an elderly strong willed woman who tries to save the 8 year old kid from such tradition. a 20+ year old lady. young and pretty, was forced by the old flabby woman to have sex outside with a regular customer who turns out to be the man that she loves punya father.

yes such story.

i will make it worse for you. the 20+ year old woman commited suicide and thus the old flabby woman actually sent the 8 year old to follow up the sex job. the other woman then snatches her away from here and throws her on the train to leave such horrendous life to save her and give her a light for her future.

this show really shows the culture and could not understand how everyone could take bath from the same water. LOL yes the river. all in all i really loved the way the movie was shot, camera. lighting. mood was really nice. the story does much to it too. though a bittt slowlarh.

you will feel sad and touched. probably a pinchful of tears at the end but nothing will beat the old lady sniffling from the middle of the show till the end. must have hit her kinda hard.

p.s//WATER is the final film in Mehta's trilogy on the elements, following FIRE (1996) and EARTH (1998), which both premiered at the Festival.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped.

ah... myheart skipped few beats...from...erm...nothingness. if anyone who watches babel would understand the meaning of flat note show. this show is as flat as pancake. a lil bit bulgy but flat. it has the same frequency as babel was slowww and....just slow. though there were exciting parts but it ended really fast.

it was have to watch cause it was like something's gonna happen...but nothing happens...(prob kena cut) kinda like a dying out heartbeat on the monitor. and the camera shooting was sooo upclose, thank God the man dint have pores(is that actually good!? stares at own pores) was like some camwhore camera angle LOL. its like where the manw as running up the staircase, the camera was in the mans pocket..yap, feel the sudden feel of wanting to vomit LOL. pening betul.

it was a french movie. be prepared to read fast but you will get use to it. be ready for cut-ted scenes BLEAH. be ready to have a show where... you dont know what its tryin to say in whole LOL.

it went from father's love.hi job as a house agent(they freakin set rats. cut off water and electric bills to claim the house/aprt. back) suddenly found back his love for playing piano. took up piano lessons from a chinese/vietname lady. started hating his job. losing closeness with his dad. sleeping with his friend's wife cause his friend was cheating on his wife(he had feelings for that friend's wife but oh, drama drama).father got killed. his piano career didnt take off. Fst fwd.2 years. got together/married with his piano teacher. killed the person who killed his dad.


learn french words such as merci.thua thua(or tuantuan?) and many curse words. ah yes F*** sounds the same anywhere. no need to learn. universal de. looks like french men arent as gentleman or romantic as we think. maybe there was some hidden meanings or the culture or something bou this french movie. WELL, dint reach my brainwaves. someone go watch it and entertain me please.

p.s// learn more bout it HERE. you read.

im too lazy to do so. just know its a remake.


300 oh 300. you must really "kowtow" for graphics and colour mood.

i couldnt agree more when yoga said the words "wah like DOTA" nvrtheless, he loved it. to me...once is enough. it a GAY GUY SHOW.

no wait, a GUYS EGO SHOW. LOL!!!!

"tonight we shall dine in hell?!!!"

sending 300 men to die for glory?! (or maybe some deeper meaninglarh) but it was really not a bad show, though the gollum...urh...the gayyyyyyy...urh.....the ahh..probably thats why guys wanna watch it again. the 5 minutes glimpse of sexay ladays. i must agree. tempting nyer LOL.

it was a show worth watching. once. but...i really didnt get it. it was supposedly based on history.....but...some things were really like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH-_________-

and i really mean that meeh on my look.
magicians? clumsy elephants?(laughs) GAY KING?!(LAUGHS)

but i really like certain lineslar: D darn the ownage. (see, dota)

p.s// lyn said it was actually based on a comic book..but wasnt the comic book based on history?! O_o

300 website


.......anacondas.bats.insects...i dont knowlarh but buaya is true to our naturelarh. i mean.. *uh-hm* guys get what i mean right. anyway, all i can say is...the crocodile was FREAKIN the big. in fact i think a bit too big. 50 foot is i was told bigger than container trucks. those also 40 foot long only.


imagine you drive next to a 40 foot container and imagine the front there how big the croc eyes can be. seriously. it was like any other "RUN!!!!!" show. and i dont know why everytime these shows sure got one joker. this time it was the photographer.

there was this scene where....yeap. the photographer was running away from the croc. IMAGINE. he runrunrun then..jumped over a tree which looked like this "Y" shape...THEN, the croc got stuck between the branches. Y shapemarh. you imaginelarh. i laze to draw croc get stuck between tree. feeels darn stupid. and oh. fat croc.

then of courselar the buaya terlepas. then the photographer at that very moment was wearing the red maroonish nike shirt..running in the greens...behind through the thundering earthquake sounds was the buaya chasing....THE FEEL.THE VIEW. was EXACTLY like madsgascar...where the lion chased the darn zebra... just that this one no olympic theme.

so the kns.

funny line that i can remember
"i will thrust you up my ass if thats the only way to bring you over to america"


full updates of shows that i caught. HAH! i can delete my drafts now. LOL. tell me if i missed any shows i watched with

anyone.. and sadly i will not be watching as frequent anymore. but..i willl AND i mean will..catch up all i can.

: P movie addict is me. Wakakakaka.

oh.oh. trailer for ghost movie....*uh-hm* i think all also worth to watchlarh. LOOKS FUNNY XD

oh.oh. this show. Inconvenient truth is bout global warming LAUGHS. i bet it will be around the same like "the sinking of japan" LAUGHS. eva the chest hair woman fell asleep. anyone wanna take any chances?

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