Friday, April 16, 2010

gimme my hotcakes!!!

imagine waking up from a dream of luscious hotcakes, butter oozing honey glazing while steam coming out from it.
feeling happy that McDonalds is barely a 5 minutes drive away, without even brushing my teeth (gurgledlar with listerine) hopped onto the car and sped off leaving my mom to yell at me cause i was supposed to do laundry first but hey! breakfast is important for fuel right?

just to hum on the way there(although the radio was playing a stupid song, knife cuts like a knife? ), did not care if the car in front STOPPED at the green light(cant say the same fr the car in front of me) happier to see there wasn't any queue. just to hear these words coming out from the black box voice machine.

"sorry we have no hotcakes"

....straightaway i said in a loud voice
"what do you mean there is no hotcakes?!

i think i scared the lady behind cause straightaway a man replied me.
"sorry sir,'am. the supplier is out of stock. that's why"

in my mind all kinds of "ARGH, what is this shit??" running through my head. esp the fact that you just need very basic ingredients to make hotcakes like flour, eggs and what nots. i am surprised that you can be OUT OF STOCK AT SUPPLIERS for hotcakes considering that fact.

plus cause i did not wanna waste my time all the way there i ordered egg McMuffin which ironically it's one of the main reasons why i wanted something sweet instead of savory (cause for 2 weeks straight i have been eating eggs, ham and cheese at home due to my family's new diet) so i drove all the way to McD just to eat what i have been eating for 2 weeks straight just that with bread. ARGH*

this suuuuuuuuucks-_-!!

i felt so bad for showing my beh song face with my beh song voice to the employees when obviously it's not their fault but i can't help it! argh!!!*

i want my hotcakes!!!

i gonna make my own for lunch!


don't worry McDonald's is still my favourite. beh song the supplier!!-_-!

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