Monday, October 14, 2013

Big Doesn't Mean It's Good




  1. Haha.. should have hid behind the wheels instead :D

  2. Love your blog dear. Your drawings are stunning! Just followed it :) Hit me back via Google connect at Full support! <3

  3. Tenshi : next time we know what to do haha

    Jessying : paisehly true. Huhuhu

    Shivani : thank u!! Will google connect!

    Jean : haha coconut is cute!

  4. :D Oh wow. This is a nice treat!
    I enjoyed reading all your comic blog!
    You're really funny & talented! Keep up the good work.

    Come google connect wth me too. Since you dn't hv FB, at least I can check your updated posts via Google :)

    Btw. the hiding behind car parts hehehe.. I did tht before to my teacher. Then he rubbed his palm on my head furiously to mess my hair hahaha..

    1. Thank you! :) will work hard.

      Hmm.. I'm not sure if I have google connect. But I will check later :):)

      Hahahahaha your teacher so cute wan his reaction! Haha