Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dim Gai....

Was accompanying ah pek's niece today.
Loaded some nursery rhyme (or was it children's songs) on YouTube.

On Loop.
Then hor....
this happened after a bit.... Hahahah :/
Really sign of old age T_T boooooo*

And honestly those nursery rhymes work better than any therapy for sleeping.
After a while I felt my eyelids getting heavy hahahahah!! Esp when it was songs like "Row Row Row your Boat" *snoreeeee*

To a point I wanna sleep but I can't cus she seemed so engrossed in it & I got slightly annoyed at old McDonald. Like seriously faster la!! Why u got so many animals wan?! Hahahahahah Sing tak habis-habis ni! O_O

Just when I thought can ask ah pek massage for me or switch places with me.....


From today I know how tiring a full time mom (SAHM) is ヽ(´o`;

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