Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ditolak...bukan ditarik

every update can wait for later but not this.

i decided after a very long postponing of alexis with monica, once and for all. diedie also must pergi edi. i keep talking how wonderous the tiramisu is (okaylarh at least better than whole lot of places punya tiramisu marh). how wonderous is the other "non pronouncable" cake is. tuff..something?...Ner. pronounce it!!! O_o was a ..gathering kua...meeting kua... i met clarabelle :P which to me doesnt look like a 21 langsungs. so maturely leng okay....instead i think we look younger...ner....~_~'' is that supposed to be goodlarh i dont know....but yea she looks as leng as the pics in kbox: D

you know what im gonna babble and babble how we ate cake. bombed each other(....was it?) getting to know each other and going on bout 3somes and 4somes and also getting in a whole lot of trouble with jerry....i thought he was really gonna kill me ledy. dahlarh i late. den later kinda ffked them for yumcha cause i memang thought no need to meet edi okayyyy T_T

pusinggg 1 whole round i also belum come back to the point of the story is the fact that MONICA's CAR GOT TOWED *echoes* which her dad actually said.." kereta saya B***88* kena ditarik..bukan ditolak...ditarik...TOWEDlarh!"

i dont knowlarh to laughhhh or whatttttt. i mean......her dad was laughing cause it was this also can happen arh? i mean...its like falling down and laughing bout it cause its silly? or...i dont know ...but the fact that i cant help feeling soooo badddddddd. like....her car kena towedley. T_T was it part of my fault? all the time in bangsar and i dont know ...yellow line cannot park car one.

oh my freakinglicious kns cake.

T_T it was a MEMORABLE experience indeed. i dont know how am i gonna forget this. the look on both of our faces when we saw no sign of her car. the feeling of finding out it was towed to JINJANG TARIK KERETA or something lidat. or the voice of jerry thinking we were lying KNS. lolz.

so free come think of such reason to lie. i also genius edi!!!!!!!ROAR*

so yea ...its gonna be a heck experience to remember...and i tink i better pay half of the tow money sia. feel so badddlorh. RM150....jinjang not near also okays. BLEAH. not a VERY GOOD experience but...wth MEMORABLElarh

did i mention it wasnt a very good something good happens and then something bad? Ive been hunting for a purse/wallet like foveverrrr....and when i saw one i liked at dorothy perkins yesterday... YAY!!!!! no stock when i went back today to get it!!! BLEAH!!!!!!

this is my day in techni black and whiteLarh. *pifs*

oh btw learn something new everyday.

do not yellow line....... nerrrrrr......

oh deepest apologies to jerry.....for making him age 10 years older in a night.....sorry...though u memang not that younglar actually : P

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