Monday, January 15, 2007


my monitor has DIED-ed. leaving me in...........a place where i have to steal my moms 15" LCD screen every night after she has done with her work and plce it back b4 the morning comes.

LIke what you know? elves and the shoemaker?

bulat and the midnight monitor concubine hahahahahahahaahhaa *LAUGHS*

why did i stress a 15" monitor? cause ..

no.1 i not used to such screen and im lying down while typing...quite syiok lorhhh i likey!!!: P i dont know bout my breasts though...flattened like this everyday sure flat one dayyy *NOOOOOOOOOOOOooOoooOoOoooo00oooOoooo* echoesssssss

anywayyyyyyyyyyyy.......ERm. *uh-hm* no.2 17" very the heavy ley Sweats. i dont understand how my mom can carry it around like nothing. lucky moms 15" .....thats why can have midnight concubine sessions kekeke

btw i went to see wether my 1st love had hope to know i really wanted to smackkkkkkkkkkk thattt(no im not singingg!!~^^'') persons head. the shops name is computer war at SS2 RHB bank there...quite famous ba.....but maybe should change to computer ROAR!!!

'whats wrong?"
"spoil...i wanna see whats wrong..wether it can be fixed and etc"

he tested it...den ADJUSTED THE CONTRAST AND BRIGHTNESS OF THE SCREEN not that stupid kua.....=='''

"yarh its spoilt"
"...yes i know.....thats why i brought it here?"

after whole lot of pilipala

"erm im not sure the pricing if you wwanna fix it you have to bring it to KL central to check it out at the Samsung HQ since ur warranty is over somemore"
"huh so far i lazylarh..section14 i also dont wanna go you ask me go to KL central?"
"i dont understand you women....go shopping all the way to Megamall...walk whole day..also never say far or tiring. ask you go KL central say tired. what is this!?"

...........i really wanna smack thatttttt(this time must really sing while imagining his head!!!!!) dont talk to your customers that way!!! SWEAT!!! and thats my mom!!! only i can talk to her lidat!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA*evillll*

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