Wednesday, January 10, 2007


supposed to ffk the yumcha session with them cause i promised monica. but after much....threatening sounds from vinny and ah pek........teruklarh better just attend....anyway.....its berryy!!!!! kns jerry brought berry!!!! he kidnapped her!

nolar. but indirectlylarh: D

but so paisehlarh. cause jerry said hes bringing his implanted in my head is jerrys gfren, jerrys gfren..then kinda dark mar my house...i saw what look like berry..but cannot be berry cause shes in ipoh and jerry say bring gfren wad.....O_o

so i assume tengok salah cause that day his gfren memang like glance during yumcha only..den like ...enter the car and thought of clearing my thoughts and answers when "jerrys girlfriend" is out of sight. mana tau........bocorlar and its really berry... T_T

i dont knowlarhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i blur. stupid or just plain...stupid is a good word actually BLEAH

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