Tuesday, December 11, 2007

rush movie

: D : D when i was in college, we would complain that 2-3 weeks holidays are too short. the fact that that homework always came with the holiday in a package. so....suddenly it seems a lot shorter(actually..heck, we usually do not finish the homework given: P)

anyway HOLIDAY!!!: D: D

and i looked into ms.sexay chan's eyes with utmost sadness.

cause she does not have a holiday!!!!kakaka.


i spent the entire freaking day watching a japanese drama that my sensei loaned to me. was supposed to watch and catch the words plus you know, learrrnn from the language.

in the end, cause it was a "crying" show. like those touching type, not someone dies type. so...i was fastfwding cause i was impatient. crying like shit cause i....-_-'' it is touchinglarh. how not to cry. and...no, i did not learn anything cause they talk like they have too much battery or sunning out of time-_-'

my reading got better btw.

at 8.15pm. i on-ed MSN.

'let's go minum!'
'wth. you are still in the office? go backlarh'
'yala, going back now. minum a not'
'wait, i thought you say you wanna catch a movie?'
'now only you remind me arh? what time edi'
'aiya, lemme checklarh before we go minum just in case.oh ya i haven't bath also: P'
'eh..gotlarh the show. 9pm'
'whattttttttttt?!!! i am coming now! go bath!'

at 8.30pm. she was honking outside my gate and i was fidgeting trying to shut the gate as fast as possible.

at8.45pm. she dumped me at the door. i ran with my 'slight' heels shoes from ground floor to the cinema.....everyone was giving way and i was practically gonna scream 'LAN HOILARH' but mommy taught me to be a good girl...so 'excuse me' was all i said in between breaths while "running".

hahahahah i can imagine myself screaming lan hoilarh: D

8.55pm. lining up. kns. all these ppl no need to sleep ka?!!!!! ROAR. no work ar tmr?! ms.sexay chan comes after a while with a disbelieve look on her face..or more like "huh?! why so long queue, these people all no need to work tmr ar?!"

ahhahahahahaha: D

9pm. reach the counter

"this!! i want this!!"
"the 9pm one?" in a freakin slow voice...-_- hadlaju yang stagnant lidat.
"YES!!! for 2."
"where do you want to sit"
"...here. cepat!! sudah 9!"
"yeh....9pm, Der Fischer Und Seine Frau for two" stilll hadlaju yang *argh*

rush to buy drinks. rush to buy food. rush to cinema. rush to toilet.

and got 10 minutes of commercial some more.....always remember esteeeeeeee. got like.20 minutes of ads at GSC where as TGV starts right on the spot-_- ish

we watched this..: D
Der Fischer Und Seine Frau(The Fisherman and His Wife)

"For my wife, good Ilsebill, wills not as I’d have her will." The refrain of the famous Brothers Grimm fairytale which inspired Doris Dörrie’s new film.

Ida, a fashion designer, is travelling through Japan in search of inspiration and ideas when she runs into two Germans, Otto and Leo, who reveal that they are fish merchants. In fact, these “Flying Fish Doctors”, as they call themselves, are purchasing particularly expensive toy fish called koi for wealthy collectors in Germany. Ida and Otto fall in love with each other and their every wish comes true, if only it was not for Ida’s insatiable ambitions....

sypnosis from GSC.

to me it was a not bad movie....realistically speaking. it CAN happen. i mean WHY NOT? man and woman meet by accident. falls in love. blindly. gets married. big hopes. big dreams. priorities change. woman dreams big. makes it big. gets blinded by riches. man wants to be simple. live simple. be simple. etcetcetc. basically what happens when there is a disconnection with one another or what money does to you....i believe such scenarios ARE happening right now. this era or more in the future.

kinda artsy fartsy even if you do not like the storyline in terms of colours and all. RM5 per show. won't hurt to diet for one day kan?: D

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