Monday, December 3, 2007


during class,かつまた せんせい asked

どんな ひと (は/が?) なりたいですか。
donna hito (wa /ga?) naritaidesuka.
(what kind of person you would want to be in the future/wish to become)

obviously my grammar still sucks. cannot recall is a ga or wa.

i bet if someone asks me 15 years back, my answer would be way different.

and this feels like the "what do you want to be when you grow up?" question.

just that the tables are turned now.

or maybe it is structured in this way but the answer is supposed to be different cause you cannot really direct translate something from japan to english......let's just skip to the answers.

half the class said
"おかねもち" (rich person)

some girl said
"せいこうしゃ" (successful)

Alexaさん said
" ほそい" (slim)

we laughed cause she was always eating in class. せんせい joked that her food always took up at least 3m of space on the table. but surprisingly せんせい likes ふとい(fat) healthy kind of fat, people. she says that looks healthy. in Japan, thin is healthy and fat is not. she was like "they must be losing their marbles to think like that."

when she asked me...i was stoning,

and in the end i mumbled.


wanted to answer useful as well...but got cut off cause suddenly the meaning of being happy rose.
"you would want to be a rich poor man, not a poor rich man"

was just the sentence given with no definate answer for it.

funnily,せんせい's answer was

this is darn difficult.

with life's bitches and it revolving around one another like tigers hogging on a boar's tail. sometimes i don't know how is one person going to be kind.

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