Friday, August 15, 2008



it has been quite sometime since i caught a movie with Ms.Sexy. Esp. since she was in Kuantan for 3 weeks of recuperation before starting the new job.

the show was beautifully directed/shot(?) okay, i don't even know the proper term but the settings were lovely. the props, the lighting, the view, the actors. Everything. they were all amazing. it was like getting sucked into the film without even realizing it.

it was supposed to be a touching and somewhat emotional movie....well obviously my nerves are dead cause i did not feel much other than thinking how wonderful the whole movie is shot. i love it down to every detail. where else Ms.Sexy was like "if they showed her dead, my tears are gonna fall"

in response i said "what a great movie! it was funny"


i don't know why that word came out. seriously, i don't know what the heck made me said that.

but all in all it was a good show. maybe nothing very extraordinary, but it wasn't bland enough to make you feel dead.

just the right touch...but only for a handful of people. i'm sure not everyone will appreciate such movie...or maybe i know a handful of people who definitely won't watch this. *laughs*

oh the best part was..they did not cut (or put cardboard to blackout) the kissing scenes plus there were no subtitles! wow. felt so...clean :D *laughs* you know how our subtitles are. takes up 1/3 of the screen. bleah.

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