Saturday, August 16, 2008



in wall.e i learned that even with robots, when it comes to love. looks does not count.

or looks does not matter when it comes to love.

okay-_- my grammar sucks.

to me storyline was just so-so (though my mom loved it..cause it has so much moral value in it kinda thing and the humans scared me cause it was like..omg...they don't do anything and how did they allow themselves to morph into a Teletubbies look-alike?!) but seriously it was the quirky moments that made the whole animation worth it.

i laughed super loud when he couldn't decide if "spork" was under fork or spoon. how he took eve on dates by tying those colourful xmas bulbs. how both of them were dancing in space. so adorable. cute factor wise, for a robot animation. it wins hands down. omg. it just makes you feel like squeezing them. although in the end, you're the one that is gonna hurtlarh: P

but seriously my most favfav character despite all the cuteness that Wall.E has whenever he calls "eeeevvvvvvaaaa"


this lil guy on the left wins hands down. M.O (Microbe Obliterator) whom will clean every single contaminated area. HAHAHAHA SO CUTE. and i'm gonna say it again. FREAKIN CUTE. if i ever see a toy like that i sure buy!!! of course, if it works even better *laughs*

isn't any fast food chain suppose to release a Wall.E freebie with every happy meal by now? *desperate*

p.s// hahahah the Magician animation that was shown before Wall.E started was freaking funny. OWNAGE TO THE RABBIT!! hurhur!

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