Wednesday, March 24, 2010

boob queen's day

today i sat like a mannequin at Chic Nail Spa at BVII.

a talking mannequin.

yapyapyap-ing away. non-stop with the "Queen" indulging in her birthday treat.

which i did not expect her to use so fast and you know you took a long time to make a decision buying the "packages" that day when the manicurist say "yes, i remember. your friend came to buy the packages." *points at me* "and your name is bulat."

........she remembered! omg. *clapclap* *show shiny eyes* amazing....

i only can thank the nice manicurist and pedicurist who were doing her nails for being patient. listening to us yap non stop while they pamper her..non stop for 90 minutes. din't know it can take that long for "pan lengleng".

and guys probably don't even notice that they shine more then usual after the girl sitting and paying for it hahahahah really should appreciate girls who go through this just to look nice. to me takes hell a lot of patience and what nots.

wonderful place and affordable prices aside.

i really wonder how much stories the manicurist/pedicurist listens to..i mean like just now we were talking and talking. about everything and everyone. gossips that is repeated on and on again without us getting sick of it. new updated gossip that comes once in a while when suddenly it just comes, "pop" out of nowhere while halfway talking. or just plain ol' reminiscing the past (why do girls like doing this. aih* feels like a grandmama)

but for the manicurist/pedicurist everything we say is new. everything we say can be either boring or tad fascinating. everything shows a lil side of everything(or anything) bout us and they might or might not understand us a lil better suddenly. they might or might not judge us based on how we put our views on things or how we address the subjects to a certain point.

it feels scary yet nothing....hahaha :D


i mean...strangers are just once off. but the people whom knows you, ah! a whole different story. *laughs* people are veryvery fun and interesting but also scary T_T

oh talking bout it...hmm* i hope the manicurist and pedicurist doesnt' know any one of the people we were "gossiping" about. *laughs* if not...huhuhu. dielar :D

nothing is complete...without dessert~loves*

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