Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taking things for granted


my speciality is to embarrass myself in public *bah*
& to makes things worse, the last time I met Ah Gu was actually during secondary school graduation, which is like *starts counting* ....okay, the amount of years is in double digit *pengsan*

are we that old?!


I seriously thought everyone knows Star Trek (●__●)

& whytheheck is my drawing background grey!? *roar*


  1. Haha you're such a funny and cute girl! xD

  2. haha. I don't watch star trek but I also know what that means. xD

  3. star trek? I also dunno wor :x

    hehehehe.. btw.. i like your drawings ler... i wanna read them all.. hehehehe..

  4. erm... actually I know Star Trek but didnt watch it. LOL

  5. I thought the hand sign is from ET. XD

  6. lol, that finger~ your drawing always so cute 1~

  7. ahhh the drawings are so cute <3

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  8. i don't understand lar T_T what do you mean with the fingers like that? uwu
    sowwiiee i'm slow

  9. lol..i only know that sign from sheldon cooper...hahahahaha *SPOCK*

  10. whoa! really love your webtoon wei....Nice drawings!!! not that old la...just put it this way...people doesn't get you...hahahaha

  11. I only know Spock sign after watching Star Trek last night.

  12. HayleyJune: haha is .....paiseh girl :(

    Mandy Ooi : hahah which part is cute? ppl laughing at me? T_T

    janice vania: Thank you!

    cheryl chan: yay! HAHAHA!! at least T_TT_T cause after i mention star trek, my friend still stared at me :(

    ahlost : !! Go watch!! hahaha :D

    Caroline Ng May Ling: as long you know ah!!!

    BlackSesame : HAHAHA! i thought ET is a diff sign

    Mr Lonely: haha ^^" chau kan if do the sign too long.

    Meitzeu : not when everyone lookin T_T

    SuperRach Love: thnk you!

    FaFa: wuwu it's a star trek character punya greeting. it's famous! "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!"

    Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: HAhahah close enough :P

    cindyrina: hahaha i should brainwash that friend to watch star trek :P

    Kim Hang Lim: i also only know spock after watching star trek! HAHAHA