Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is why I am not a Chef (or Nurse)

You guys can either guess what I put as substitute for the black sugar ...if not answer is at the bottom.
I thought it wasn't thattttt bad though...then again, I like the taste of the sub :P
My brother obviously survived and he is heaps and bounds better since the fall I am no longer his nurse maid. Actually I kinda enjoyed being his maid...because..

Taking care of brother bear = Doing a good thing +1
Together with it, lost weight! +1

Anyway, next few posts would all be revolving around food. Let you guys know first :D
p.s// what other sub you think is good with taofoofah? Other than honey!


  1. Honey with taofoofah is ok wert! Haha!

  2. WTF PEI PAH KOU?!?!?! =___________________=

  3. oh my, the taste gonna be very weired.

  4. Pei Pah Kou with tao fu fa <-- Hahha nice combo! XD

  5. lol I thought Marmite cause I saw the Marmite bottle in your drawing lol

  6. Hayley: haha ya! but i didn't use it :P

    Eric Lee Huangshi: HAHAHAHA!!!! You wanna tryyy?! :D

    Mr Lonely : haha whyy u looollll!! innovative a not??

    Pek Chek Kia: mmmmm okay geh if you are a pei pa kou fan :P

    Anfield Yee: haha!!! willing to try? :D

    pawprints: Kns. haha!! if marmite confirm weirder than pei pa kou!