Monday, July 8, 2013

B&B Collab : BroDontLikeThatLaBro + Bulat

The above comic really happened. #truestory

Yay! Another collab! This time with BroDontLikeThatLaBro! hehe* Must do more collabs in the near future cause it's actually quite fun :D

Have been reading BroDontLikeThatLaBro prolly around early last year and was stunned when I met Ernest for the first time (actually I was stunned when I met everyone of the Comic Bloggers for the first time O_O )

The feeling is like always watching Mickey Mouse on TV then one day you see Mickey Mouse live right in front of you!? Ya! That kind of feeling! O_O Did you guys get it...somehow? hahahaha Okay, that was bad example but that was pretty much how I felt.

Meeting Jon during the 24 Hours Comic was also kinda the same feeling....and seeing how they act together in flesh....I can imagine all the other stuffs that happened as shown in BroDontLikeThatBro comics-_-

Live Action Movie feat. BroDontLikeThatLabro (18 rated : for everything)

Anyway click BroDontLikeThatLaBro (though I am sure most of you know them already) to get hooked (seriously ah pek got hooked the first time he read it :P Bromance feeling??) if not click to see a B&W version of the above comic!


  1. comel gila...semua pun nampak bulat hehehehhehe

  2. It's nice to have collaboration with another blogger. I'm planning one myself too. :)

  3. i miss u.....y u go meet up wif other ppl no meet me T^T


  4. Hi Ms Bulat, you've a very cute comic blog! :D Keep it up! ^^

  5. Ms. Bulat, I love your comic style :) keep it up!!!

  6. Hunny Kitty : ahahaha!! i memang suka bulat!

    cheryl chan: looking fwd!! can imagine awesome photos or something! (not sure how photographers work for collab!)

    Caroline Ng May Ling: hahaha Jon is cute? :D

    yuyue: wah! this one...last year punya meet up^^"

    Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: I WANT ALSO!!!!! what you wanna collab!?:D

    Anfieldyee: thank you!! I will jia you!

    Tammy Miu: helo Tammy!! Thank you!! :):)