Friday, April 27, 2007

should i? can i?

theres just a whole lot of it.

and i mean a WHOLE LOT.

hrms* i really need a few days ~_~''

but i have to get this done!!!

should i ..hmm...cause i really dont know how.

later i would just try my luck i guess.

anyways, didi's going genting!!! ceys. jealous. he has been to genting prob. 5 times. i havent even been to once. in fact the last time ive been to genting was almost 4-5 years ago. when i get to drive someday with my own BIGGER car,(the kelisa will die going up and i will get lost) i think i will drive up to genting to have starbucks.

cause ....silly things make ppl feel silly and when you feel silly you live longer. when you live longer you can do more silly things.

wahahahahahahahahahha: P

yes i am lacking of sleep *starts turning round n round*

oh and i realize, just when i thought i would be home alone cause my whole family has plans of thier own*pouts* leaving me out.....bleahs. i thought i would have the whole weekend running around naked singing oldies and eating a whole packet of chocolates while washing it down with tubs of cheap ice cream.....

nolors. didi going to genting today. back on sunday. in time for my parents to be going johor/sg on sunday back on tuesday.



really wth wtf.

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