Sunday, July 29, 2007

hidden love

today i felt like a kaki makan...or makan kaki..or...i don't knowlarh. just proves that got food got me aiks*
anyway me and nennen chan, visited this pet shop in Taman Megah. opposite Min Tien. Above this hair saloon..erm..near RHB bank? its called...something Buddy Station(i think)

nennen chan ALWAYS love going to pet shops because apparently it lights up her world from the daily norm of life. the fact that this shop ..*uh-hm* the PETS were running around, coming up to you and letting you touch them


not like other pet shops that lock them in cages and requires you to sanitize your hands before even ....touching. touching okay. not like this one. carry all you want! and there was this cat who acts like a dog!


T_T ah....will go back there soon. very very soon.

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