Thursday, July 26, 2007

japanese class

this is my sensei, katsumata-san. she has this very BROAD smile(exactly like cucumber Juls). always makes sure we understand. "forces" us to remember words.

For example.
ashtray = haizara.
it's not easy to remember so she says "Haik(the haikhaik japs like to say) and Zara! you know Zara?!"
no one forgot haizara after that -_-

or jisho = dictionary
and again she went "you know....G-Shock? same.same"
no one forgot jisho after that too hahahahahaha -_-''

and every week we have test on hiraganas. can vomit my

and then she gave this small...quiz? test? i don't know. just testing us larhs. it was very funny cause at 1st it was really difficult, once you got the hang of it(or maybe cause it was getting easier) it was alright. then towards the end, it's not that we knew the answers...but we could see the answers drawn behind cause the paper was so thin...ner.....

but i felt these few were one of the hard ones and the last one..was just plain funnylarh. see see. whether can you guess: P

if can guess...i...i ... belanja you 2 scoops of Baskins!!!!: D okay a nots?!

buaya vinny not included cause i owe him a lot already. he keeps adding the darn list -_- and i cannot believe i'm staying up to do HWK. argh* i have so much work! wthwthwth. oh yarh, updated my grandpa's birthday post. just scroll sikits down if you got nothing to do : P


  1. eh.... where r u having ur japanese class? The way u describe your sensei really funny la, kekekeke

  2. pikey chann~ hahahhahha ICLS at uptown: D you can check the other branches if you want. shes really funnylo: D

  3. oh... me is an ICLS student too, hahahaha... now i stop awhile la, me was studying in the Subang branch one...

    eh.. me linked u in my blog liao..

  4. ops* sorry haha actually many ppl study there ba. i got longlong way to go lor...5th lesson only but wanna pengsan edi.

    okay will link you bank when i balik : D

  5. dont pengsan oh.. muz ganbatte ya, kekeke
    and the pictures u draw so cute la...

  6. Hello Miss Bulat! I love your cute character up there, so cute and adorable! Your chatbox title is so funny - makes me LOL!