Friday, July 20, 2007


i'm wearing my shrek ears while typing huehuehue. i bet 40tripleD is wearing it while playing Maple -_- i am soooo NOT bringing it back to malacca tomorrow. confirm kena molest cukup-cukups one.

anyway, went yumcha-ing with a special guest appearance, Beve.


it was awkwarddddd. at some point(s)......but i have a feeling that this bunch of people can be really gila sial once loosen up.

i mean....straws?!! tissues??!! limauss?? *star wars theme*

oh well: P

more "dahsyat" sessions bah.

bring it on!~

Oh and i received a letter today (so nostalgic kan? Letter! usually it's all emails. i love letters. people should really send letters: D i receive emails everyday (i must if not how to answer to boss lol) but not letters marh!)

this is the letter.

it was shocking yet strangely weird. yet happy. was like a jumbled up emotion thingy going on inside. close to the 'falling in love' feeling yet not. ahh...i really did not expect this. although it is something small indirectly, but it is also something big/different for me. hurrrrrr.

i still feel WEIRD.

still.... : ) : ) : ) : )

big smiley for my own effort.

i have to aim bigger.higher.further.

oh yarhs. btw i had a super weird dream yesterday. i swear if i have to write it down you would send me to the hosp. for a check up(actually i cannot remember half of it already....only scenes like toilet under renovation and a one way plane ticket to Melb.) but one of the scene was me waking up with slashes on my tummy.

apparently i GAVE BIRTH and 40tripleD was the surgeon.

"why so many slashes?! you can just cut one line!!"
"...erm *sheepish* i did not really know what was i doing"
nen nen chan (she was there too -_-) gave a wtf. look.
" i cannot wear bikini anymore" (i cannot believe i said that in my dreams -_-)

and all 40tripleD said when i drew out the scene of it this morning was "omg! i am so not surgeon qualified" something close to that. i swear, if it is real life scenario. both of us would have died. me from shock. her...from...blood -_-''

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