Monday, November 26, 2007

sick a nort wans huh?!

makan time rocks when brother bear is sick : P
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(yes i know perspective is out..-_- noticed after i posted)

but then hor...

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(mom asked me to sleep and don't draw edi-_-)

things change when his girlfriend's MOTHER brought food for him upon knowing he is sick


but i manage to steal a bit while he dota-ed. the Yam rice rocks wei!!! and got soup some more!!! "Ai de Tang" - Love Soup*laughs*

on a side note.

my mom's long time friend(actually they know through my dad..but that's another story) has cancer. she is undergoing chemo now. came as a shock....but thank God so far it is under control. and she still freaking goes to work lorh-_- auntie..i don't know what to say but please take care of yourself.

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