Sunday, November 11, 2007

rabbit stomach

spent the whole day lying like dead mayat x_x

Sunday reminds me of Mopiko's mom who is currently attending English classes at the temple near my house. she has too much free time and learning english would be good for her so that she can communicate more with her angmoh niece. mana tau the classes are really said my mopiko.

"wronglarh..she's learning things like past participle, past tense and all...proper grammar like how learned eons ago that i myself don't remember! some more all her "students" are like 50' right should teach them like daily conversation or something what!"

Laughs* "so how does your mom feel bout this?"

"...stress. hahahahahahaahah she will suddenly "aiya i did not finish my homeowork from last week, i don't want to go class le. like small kid like that...we will ejek herlar..but still...hahaha last weekend end up she play Mahjong at home pulak"

her mom still so cute: D

me and my brother were watching TV bout some slimming, keep fit program.

from the TV
"how did you manage to lose so much weight? your brother, did he help?"
"yes he did. he goes jogging with me and don't eat a lot of unhealthy food as well so i am not alone"

my brother straightaway glance at me

"eheh...i gotlorh..i woke up at 8am that time and went jogging with you what!"
"...yarh and we both fell sick the next day and there was no activities like that anymore"


from TV
"do not take too much sugary drinks and try not to sit after dinner"

"so didi bear...still want to tarpau bubble tea arh?"
"fattening worhhhhhh"


this is all dad cooked for dinner..oh with boiled egg.. that's why he diedie also want to buy bubble tea to balance the healthy factor with an unhealthy thing. seriously..if i live 10 years longer than the average's all because of my dad's cooking...-_-'

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