Saturday, July 18, 2009

ju-ju-ju-just dance.

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meet yi ing :D
whose birthday party i crashed at the very last minute haha :D
also the joke of the day-_-
we bought a FOUR LEAF CLOVER Thomas Sabo charm bracelet just to hear her say...

"Awh! a CAULIFLOWER! i love you guys.!!"


i din't know we were laughing or crying. woman, you know how much cauliflower we can buy with that bracelet price?! eat until cauliflower grow on your head arhs.

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heh. cause there will always be people making friends with the controllers and beer bottle instead of the mikes.

and such a small world-_- who would have known the crazy lady who teaches the boob queen to burp and blow it to your face technique is like almost all my ex-sec school frens' fren. scary.

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