Monday, July 20, 2009

random monday

everyday is gonna be randomlarh like this. kns.
and i am getting lazy to blog daily incidents in detail*laughs* then again nothing interestinglarh. i don't go slaying dragons or kissing frogs that will turn into princes kan?

my current new obsession on the net.
click if you wanna feel cloud 9 1/2 :D
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don't if you don't like happy lovey-dovey stuffs. don't say i did not warn you.

and i wanna watch '500 days of summer'. found it in one of the post in the above blog. *roar*
it's about a hopeless romantic guy who falls in love with a girl who doesn't believe in love. hah* :D

found this too *aih i found many cute stuffs from the blog lar. please go click k?*

the last part was really funny.

"alright so you're in love!"
"i'm not in love! you're in love!"
"At least i admitted it!"
"...ouhh.she got you on that one. hhahahaha"

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