Friday, March 30, 2012

Que sera sera

Today, other than the fact that my buttocks kissed the floor good morning and I paid a hefty total of 48 macdonald ice cream sundaes to the doc as medication payment for an allergy I have due to PLASTER( it was pain and itchy and the kns doctor just feels syiok to keep pinch pinch it...zz)...and had a wondrous mild food poisoning that I decided to suck it through cause am not about to make ANOTHER visit to the doctor ON THE SAME EFFING DAY just to pay him more sundaes that are supposed to be in my tummy instead-_-

Other than that, yea, my day is alllll good.

Good that from this index finger allergy cum infection thing I have, I learnt how to :

1. Eat mee with spoon only, using my left hand.T-T I'm a veryvery Chinese/Japanese person. Everything I eat, I usually prefer to use my chopsticks. Yes, even when eating cake but only when I'm home la....if not all my friends dont want to sit with me when we dine outside anymore lehT-T so yea...I'm surprised I survived today ..the angmo way.

2. Writing without the support of the index finger = writing like a 9 year old kid.

3. Wipe my buttocks professionally with my left hand (I'm right handed try and wipe your buttocks with your non-norm hands and see!!) well, it helps that since so ngam I had food poisoning today...I had tons of practice ! Yay me?

On a bright sideeeeee....for me la.

I did not have to do any dish washing!! Hohoho!! Although deep from my heart, I really rather wash 100 plates than have this stupid plaster allergy. I scared the crap out of crystle-chan yesterday in class when I bandaged it with dads ancient cina remedy. Obviously, it not only made it look worse then it seems, it made it worse too cause it started spreading to other fingers. whathefishcakesinthaisauce. FML.

I obviously learnt 2 new skills as above....and my usually SUPERSAVERS ah pek decided to pay for my HOLGA135 o_O ( which I actually 'bought' by mistake.....*stares at floor...draw circles on the floor*)

Wheeeeeee!! Yaysssss!!
*throws Oreos into the air!!*

Can't believe he offered to pay for it! I thought he was gonna scold me for spending on useless stuffs again ( sorry arty fartsy photographers, my ah pek veryvery practical type)

The first thing I'm gonna do is take a picture of him with the cam and....prays it comes out. Hahah never used lomo cams before...I can't wait!!:):)

A big ass photo of what I love to do most !!
Seriously, I will be damn happy if there is a mask party! Everyone lying down like mayats(corpse) for 20 minutes together :P

Not responsible if anyone had an heart attack from the photo :D

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