Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Or Rice

Yes, this is how we order :D
Just like how people say "Teh O Ice Limau, No Limau/No Ice"
and baby brother is definitely an expert, the other day mom just "ta-pau" (take away) chicken rice for his lunch. the moment he opened the box and smell, he said "EIYER! this is from the worst chicken shop at SS2!"

Seriously, I can't tell  nuts. They all look the same.

and never ever, drench sauce into baby brother's rice.
He loves his VIRGIN rice-_-


  1. I love your illustrations,they are soo cute!

  2. I think your brother has super power to identify them all :D

  3. Anne : ouh! Thnk you! will work hard:)

    Azreen : HAHAHAH its definitely a useful one!

  4. u and your brother............... can share 1 chicken rice d

    he eat the rice u eat the chicken XD