Sunday, August 5, 2012

Did you know?

*edited 3rd pic*
Okay, not really a ROAD TRIP, but it's a trip! :D


  1. Can i replace sugar with honey?

    Roadtrip around east coast? Cool!

  2. Malaysia is just the Peninsular. Is this official?
    If it is, we will be so happy :D

  3. I don't really get the last one, did you mean did I know you're going on a road trip from Johor to Penang? :P

  4. Hey, what did you eat at Malacca?

  5. Constance Ant : ehhh....hahah not sure. a chinese tabib said to just put a spoonful of sugar into the mouth and slowly suck and let it melt down your throat. works! but if got chance will ask bout the honey :D

    Jian Akiraceo (Miao): unfortunately's cause I stole jpg. from Google and rushed this post in 30 minutes before my transport came. my bad for not noticing that! I super miss KOLOK MEE! and PAKIS! (i think it's called that haha)

    Hilda Milda™ : Just melacca :P Should have deleted the while line! Aiyo!

    Cheryl : ....let's just say I'm more bulat now hahaha

  6. Haha, fact #1 is interesting! ;)

    Have a nice Wednesday!

  7. I like how you drew for #1. Sexy! Strap slipped down somemore. :P

  8. I don't get the last one? Is it completely non-related? lol. Hantu Gangster review

  9. Did you know that I did really went to measure them?

  10. Hayley : It is right! Got if off a friend whom said she found it from those Taiwan self-help books.
    KenWooi : HAHAHAHA howlar if you see real photo of that?!

    Tony : Sorry! Related but in a.....not so direct way of telling people I'm going on a trip haha :(

    mng : Thnk you!

    Emmy: Am not surprised cause that's what I did when I first found out haha :D