Tuesday, June 9, 2009

reunion meet up

it has been a month.
30. san shi. tiga puluh. san jiu. san sap. thirty.
long days.
since the 4 of us met up hahah:D
i was fine cause i was meeting them individually but the 3 of them were missing one another :D
so..of coursela must have "tummy reunion session".

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sakai 1 and sakai 2. haha
sakai 2 wins kns-ness la:D
i mean look at sakai 2's face hahahahaha :D but sakai 1 will always be cuter.

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meet sakai 3 and sakai 4.
fighting for the yummy yakisoba :D
sakai 4 won cause sakai 3 drop a part of his share onto the table accidentally :D

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to burn calories-_- konnonnyer. walked to sakai 2's new home nearby :D
visitvisit and bully him bout the messiness of his bed.
"only today i din't pack my bed!"
i proudly announced, "i don't pack everyday!:D how bout that?"
4 sakais but one extra kaki :D
you will see him veryvery soon. hahahaha

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