Thursday, August 20, 2009


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this movie reminded me how tiring it is to watch horror.

oh. the. horror.

i was born with a malfunction called "i rather die then watch horror."

just to have a mom who has a function called "i love horror. they make me feel 18 all over again."

what shit.

-_- for a person that absolutely hate horror. i watched more than my fair share or more than any normal person's fair share. argh* i'm also a bad horror movie reviewer because 80% of the time my face is covered by whatever within hands grasp. it also includes any random neighbour's shirt sleeve if i am desperate enough. i can however tell you how horrifyingly amazing the sound system was :D hahahahahaha

based on whatever 20% of the show i have watched, seriously "Orphan"-there's something wrong with Esther was a good movie. it keeps you awake and train your heartbeat. the fact that it was psychotic and not ....omg. it's a thriller....but it felt like horror..-_- okay it's a horrifying thriller movie. makes you and think again bout lil children out there......*insert x-files theme although it's outdated*

seriously..she just won't die. Argh. i had a good mind to stab her myself if she din't die in the end of the movie. ops. spoiler....erm....lemme give you another spoiler! :D the dad died! wheee* i am ridiculously happy the dad died cause....he has to go. what kind of husband doesn't believe the wife (hah! :D yes, i'm a sex-ism)

seriously, Isabelle Fuhrman (who acts as the main character, Esther) can seriously act-_- she's only 12 and you can tell she's gonna go farfarfar. one plus point! the lil sister/daughter of the movie who's deaf :D walao-eh. damn cute. hahahah:D it's because of her i kept my eyes open for that 20% cause she's too cute to be missed. for a small lil girl she's one tough cookie protecting her love ones! :D

go watch if you love horror/thriller and your silent happy hobby is...erm...:D
pulling people's shirt, scaring people who are easily scared and hugging.


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