Sunday, August 2, 2009

cook in

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prepared in an hour by our dear Koh Ping O_o

for a person that doesn't cook...this...feels..amazing. haha

the only thing i did with my Dancing Queen was slicing the prawn's head and it's ..urm* shit.
oh! oh! peeled and cut the carrots and patatoes *proud* hahahaha

anyway :D lovely meal le. as good as outside. rm40 can feed 7 hungry people :D
not bad wad. 4 dishes.

everytime i hear the word "dishes" i will remember some bodo conversation i had with Dancing Queen last time. sigh* dowan to talk bout it. think also feel damn bodo-_- BLeah.

and yay! top off the night with McD Sundae's and durians.

what more do you need to be happy? :D

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