Friday, August 28, 2009

district 9

brings a lot of things to a whole different level.

prawns. (reminded me of Ultraman monsters actually. small scale)
love. (sadlarh..he still made a rose in the end! omg)
and counterstrike-_-

din't bring brains to a whole new level though. same with the human race, prawns are the same. you have leaders who have brains and the rest who don't. prolly that's why stuck on earth for 20 years. swt.

although the story was far-fetched and i had my eyebrows knitted together, mouth agape for 70% of the movie. the rest was closing my eyes due to 'counterstrike head shots' and filtering my ears with all the 'fook' words.

i thought it was not bad....hahaha not my kind of movie but it din't suck terribly and in fact i prolly enjoyed it more than Transformers...better brained then Terminator... i don't know why Transformers seems to be at the bottom of my movie list. maybe it din't live up to my expectations aih*

i was too engrossed with the whole movie to process it's meaning and concentration distracted when guys around me obviously loved the "splattering of human pieces when shot". every.single.guy seems fascinated and in awe like the first time they saw naked girls or something.



not funnyyyy mieh. i was just thankful i din't eat dinner before the movie. i was extra thankful that i was going to watch UP (again) after the movie. must thank Pocky's friend :D

"oh you watched District 9? did you like it?!"
" IS something new. i liked it more then 300.."
"she loved it!" , he points to his wife.
i stared with the "whyyy" question all over my face.
"it is original! you can't copy such movie anymre! everyone will know its District 9!."
she has a point.
"and all those fook words!!"
she will mix well with ms.ex-alco queen hahahahahaha
"well i read somewhere that actually it's to show how we treat the lower class or different race society, you know.."
" brain auto shut down once blood was all over the screen-_-"


p.s//i cried again for UP. this sucks.
how can you cry twice for an animation even when you know what's coming?! arg*

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