Saturday, August 29, 2009

20 cent crab

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have been wanting to eat crab for veryveryveryvery (super very) long already. just to settle for this 20 cent crab. not that it costs 20 cents but it's as big as 20 cent. hahaha-_- kanasai. hamtan Queen loves it to bits n pieces. don't see anything really grand to scream bout though.

had an unsatisfying dinner at some bak kut teh shop my dad has been dying to try which did not feel like bak kut teh at all. felt like braised pork. no soup. no tau foo pok. no yao char kuay. kanasai-_-

so me, sexay chan and baby settled for a second round of loklok and tong sui at ss15. just to meet this ridiculously damn cute girl who was sitting at the table next to us. kept turning around just to smile and laugh, when we responded to her coos she turned back all shy and coy and tugged her dad's hands.


too much!!! i wanted to kidnap her!!! ROAR.

the whole act was like ARGH* beh tahan. how larh like this. don't do this to me! whatshit.

anyway :D first time i spent my night with both the housemates. surprisingly...went...better then i thought. esp. when got common topic. i know, they know and you can guess. enough lor :D

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