Monday, November 28, 2011

300 minutes

after much thinking, I decided to after all, sacrifice 20 happy meals in exchange for a day of squinting and finger pains.

not only that, I think my Chinese leveled up by 10 folds *laughs* it has never crossed my mind how how useful Chinese can be, being in an environment where almost everyone is a banana. now I am thankful for every bit of Chinese I have absorbed throughout my kampung life with my grandparents .... and karaoke sessions *laughs

it felt different mixing with people that are different from the norm I'm with. Haha I can't really explain the feeling .. But in a way it felt kinda relaxing albeit worried haha it's to a point I think I don't mind spending another 20 happy meals for an afternoon with them / different people again:)

till then, oh hai bunny.

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