Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  • will be going up cameron this weekend for a friend's pre-wedding photoshoot:) *all smiles:):)* i am soooo looking fwd to it that no words in the dictionary can fit the exact current state of "kan-cheongness" i am in. like happy, but worried, but really excited yet get my drift with my small adjectives:) *laughs* i know for one we will definitely be all 100% "work" (i guess it can be called work, we are all gonna be slaves to the photoshoot yo! hint : BALOONS! helium tank going up with us! :D wheeeeee-ness!*) 0% sleep and maybe 99.99% stress (harhar) bt hopefully gazillion moments of fun in between ! (may fun be able to squeeze in at anytime!) :P anyway. i shall brainwash myself at this point.
    however, whatever that is gonna happen. few years (maybe even months) down the road, every single thing that we are going through now, good and bad are gonna be good memories in the long run!:)
    (providing no one gets killed...but i believe in my sakai group friendship!)
  • i have been feeling quite blah lately cause ....once again, it hits me that i am always not sensitive enough as a friend. emotionally and physically. it really comes to a point where it's as if all i have been doing is nothing but wrongwrongwrong. but i learnt though, that everyone is different and i can't put all of them into the same pot (different ppl prefers different pots? at different ...environment? metaphorically speaking..if you get my drift) so i just gotta be more tactful in handling friendships esp when they are hard to come by at this age (i think...hmm...i mean they will only get less esp after marriages and babies come right? and i am at the prime of that!) note to self : person a & b can say "nevermind" for the same thing but doesn't mean that both of them REALLY mean it, depending on situation.
  • i have decided to shop less (ya allah- by now everyone should know i am a shopaholic, i i have all the money in the world. my most fav thing to do is actually...buying stuffs for people. i'm dead serious.) i always see things that i know, i just know my friends would LOVE TO HAVE IT. but the price tag is like !@#@$@$#$%#@#@$$, then you can see my ah pek asking me " wanna sell your pepet to me?":D whatheeffinglatjiupanmee. (it's just our joke whenever i say i wan money....haha please don't judge my ah pek from that sentence) oh and the reason to shop less is......*i wanna fund my brother's flight tix for his USA trip* i am dead serious on this. i have.....*counts* 4 months to save. i don't know how is that gonna happen but if i don't touch my angpao money, i can actually see it happening. (gonna lock up my angpaos once they reach my hands during CNY wtbbqmossburger)
  • ....i have exams next wed. i have tons of work to do tmr and friday. photoshoot at cameron is the weekends....that leaves me.......minus sleeping time, lazy time, work time, makan time, MSN&Gchat time, phone talks with prawn babe.....i have ...logically maybe 3 hours to study?! ...........slice my wrist with plastic McD butter knife.
  • on a side note, i already have my 1st birthday present! O_O it's a el cheapo present but wtfishsaucecakes. i am happy:) and i really wanna join this thing that is effffinnnnggg expensive but i just feel like it (my God, impulse lorh!) but currently i can't cause my schedule is full on that very same day-_- so....*prays hard* actually i have super mix feelings cause if i can make it, i will be happy but poorer. if i can't make it, i will be sad but richer! -_- *buries face*
so much for sticky notes-_-
people use post it notes just got one or 2 lines.
i have like.....the whole monitor will be filled with yellow post its! and i won't be even done. FAIL!

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