Friday, December 16, 2011


Never in my life would I expect myself to buy a saree. LAUGHS* Although since..some age, I always have this mindset I would marry an Indian. Maybe it was due to the fact that during secondary school, some of my closer friends were Indian, I LOVE INDIAN BANGLES and when I went to India, I "ter-captured someone's heart".(which made me understood the sentence "It's cruel to be kind" T_T )

Well, first saree. Here it is! Not the final one. Just the manymany few that I tried. Never knew tying saree requires skill and the Indians themself, many do not know how to tie one. Not surprising, since many of them only wear it once in their life. (a.k.a. during marriage) Thank God for tailor made sarees! If not I'm gonna die learning to how tie one (it will prolly fall too even though i successfully tie, no?) 

But I gotta admit, I really like wearing the saree. LOL kinda fun. Like feeling free and easy while not exposing anything. Well....maybe cause I was wearing my normal tee-_- am not looking fwd to exposing my tummy once the actual saree top is complete! T_T

update : ARGH! I can't believe it! I actually chose a turquoise one. I loved it to bits and pieces. Asked them to save it cause I gotta ask the bride if the saree is fine before actually purchasing it. The day after, I went back enquiring for the turquoise one and it's gone!-_- WATHECURRY! worst part is they did not even sell it! it has been misplaced and couldn't be found no matter what. bah! gotta choose another now T_T SAD MAX.

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