Monday, December 19, 2011

Si Putih & The 7 Makciks

I love watching plays. What more if someone I know is inside! LOL* all the reason for me to bully after! :D So when ms.Lyn asks if anyone is up for the play to support her sister, munnie. Why not?

Although I was expecting more in terms of backdrop and such (which is my bad! cause I should have known better after watching so many plays at KL Pac) the storyline was not bad. But what made it roxxx to the max (other then laughing at no end, seeing munnie bounce out, strapped on with a big ass aluminium foil as the MirrorMirror on the Wall) was the cast themselves. They were filled with energy, the lines were funny and songs were catchy. Although the ending was a bit abrupt to me but overall, it would capture and tickle your funny bone. If my mom and ah pek can laugh, means it ain't that bad la. 'Nuf said.

The people responsible for making our Sunday a much happier one. Paul Wong, right hand side in blue is the one responsible for the choreography and he's really nice where he would do some funny kns actions at the last row where the audiences sit so that the cast would be more energetic the whole way through the play, once seeing the kns actions he was doing (he succeeded in making me turn few times just to see what he was doing....:P) Ah pek was star struck when he realized that Nick Dorian (Captain McBribe in Petaling St. Warriors) was actually in the play. Too bad ah pek refuse to let me post pic of them together :(

Watching this actually reminds me of college days where we did actually did a play! although all I did was sit with the audience and LAUGH MY ASS OFF (which was like....mehhh..cause it was my group acting out there and i'm doing nothing but laughing) I wished I did not bring the CD to my ex-office to show off....sigh* Lost and gone forever. Would love to have it back. Guaranteed to even make the grumpiest person in the world laugh!

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