Sunday, April 1, 2012

桃姐 ; A Simple Life

For a supposedly sad movie, surprisingly crybaby me did not cry. It was not extremely sad in my opinion but it was certainly bittersweet. It's like an aftertaste from a cup of coffee. You just have this feeling in your heart and in your mind during and even after the show is over. Definitely prefer these over brainless non storyline action pack movies. *cough* surprisingly although the movie is set in a rather slow pace, it was actually flowed in a way you would not feel it at all. I guess in a way it was just suppose to make you feel enough without having to cry a bucketful of tears.

Based on a true story, revolves around the relationship between the housekeeper/servant who served the family for a wholesome 60 years (that's like really many generations) and the young master whom was with her till the very end.

In all honesty, I found their relationship very .... cute. Haha it's felt very true to the core as well. Like how you know, this housekeeper has been with you for many many years. But as of recent only when you are older , you truly learn to appreciate and love her for all that she has done for you and your family with all her heart. And being Chinese where it's not really a norm to show emotions ( we don't really hug hug here and there like the foreigners do although this might change in time to come) you can see the natural transition where the main characters naturally start to bond more and the housekeeper despite it all still kept it strong at her roots that she's a housekeeper and doesn't deserve all the good they are giving her. Very typical old Chinese thinking as well, where they never let people spend money on them cus it's a waste to do so. ( took me eons to convince my grandma that although a 200rm pair of shoes is indeed kinda pricey but its well worth knowing that her feet would be very comfy in it when she goes travelling... You knoww?? Seriously, buy one pair of shoes also gotta debate so long!! You know how many youngsters out there can just finish 200rm one night in a club ?? Bet my grandma will stick to those shoes till they koyak!! Super worth lo!! )

But after all that, I felt the most emotions and prolly the most frightening slot of the movie was the reality of old folks home out there. It was ... Like some horror movie scene to me. I think I got even more upset when my mom told me that the one in the movie is already very decent. I really felt like crying watching all the old people staying there. I will never ever let my grandparents nor my parents in the future enter any old folks home unless they come with swimming pool, karaoke and trips! But my mom said if such place exists... She would register herself in, I don't have to do it for her-_-

Once in a while it's good to just watch a movie like this. Makes you stop and reevaluate what is really important in the long run. Am not asking anyone to make a 180 degree change, but sometimes a small token of gratitude and appreciation to your love ones really will go a long way. Even if it doesn't mean much to you , you will never know what/how the other party might feel. So might as well don't take it for granted.

And I am seriously getting too old to watch a late night stomach was growling. So now I know at 2am my stomach needs food..:P

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