Saturday, September 22, 2012


The family is in big health trouble whenever I'm going grocery shopping. *evil laugh*

Anyway, the other day I decided to bake (I realized it's something I always wanna do when mom is not home), might as well stock up the fridge while checking what ingredients I need / do not need to get for the cake.

Next thing I knew, upon getting into the car...I realized I don't have the "list"-_-!
Searched high&low, up&down, round&round...calling "ohhh, list...where are you?? where art thou?" the end I decided to just go and buy only la! AIYO!
When I reached home to pack, ta-dah!!! -____________-!
Must have left it there when I was checking and writing down what to get for the cake ingredients..(which btw was a total failure my Hokkaido cupcakes T_T haha cream tasted damn awesome, cupcake tasted like some chemical X T_T)
Of all places!! I must be getting old.....& tired of this maid game...

Obviously all I got back was "RM0. Your SMS didn't reach 013-xxxxxxx as the phone is switched off."

 p.s// anyone saw where the list was?


  1. Haha surprisingly, I have never left anything in the fridge before lol. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning review

  2. haha, these doodles are so cute. I've never left anything in the fridge, that's really funny.

  3. Hmm, usually I also write a list before heading to the cake shop.... Otherwise gotto go out again if we miss something...

  4. OMG, ur blog is totally awesome (I am aware i am sounding like a fan girl now LOL) but yes, I do love it, chase away all my Monday blues.

    Talk bout careless, I am Blur Queen No1! Seriously, the odd places to misplace things, I always managed to outdo myself in terms of ridiculousness!

  5. Visiting to see if you have a new post. Apparently not yet lol. Dragon MuayThai Club KL review

  6. You are so hardworking to bake something! Next time if forget the list just buy something that you think possible in the recipe? Who knows you may come up with delicious world top secret recipe... ^^

  7. lol... weird place to have left your note ;D sometimes i look through the place and i can't find the thing i want. i know it's there, so i really have to scan.. slowly.. only i will find it ;D

  8. Fer Haru: felt weird holding a cold pen haha

    Tony Teh: what surprising! LOL people are not supposed to leave stuff in the fridge! and omg, you make me kan jiong. must draw faster-_-!!

    anto: Thank you! Pls don't follow my footsteps! My dad scolded me fr being careless big time :(

    Hayley: true..:( Thats why i wrote a list but in the end no list

    YT : LOL means bth of us will die playing hide & seek with our stuffs

    BlackSesame: wah you very positive! HAHAHA actually if the ingredient i want dont have...then i switch recipe lor :P or dont bake HAHA excuses! :I know what you mean, its like right in front of you but not sure why we cant see it the frst time round!