Wednesday, August 8, 2007

runs in the family?

my house consists of surprisingly many people. permanent residents not that many though. huehuehue : P
anyway, one of it is my uncle. my dad's brother. he has been staying with us for 3 years now.
i am a selfish stingy person. when i have food that i love, or certain someone gives me food that is delicious and it's my share, i usually do the above: Pbut sadly, this is what happens -_- KNS.

you all understand a not!? if don't also please at least feel sad for me T_T

p.s// cause to him it's like those "inedible" stuffs, like those packet thingies in your new bought bag? so...he threw it lar T_T aiyaya


  1. I understand... and feel sorry for you. Good food thrown away is like a piercing to the heart and saying 'Argh...! You...! How could you...!? My... My che cheong fan!! NOOOOOooooo...!!!!' XD

  2. waa.. this is so very the kelian leh...

    if people ate or throw away my stuffs, i'll ask them to payback 2 times bigger or more expensiveee...