Monday, August 6, 2007

dear diary

got so carried away with the twirly things..overrated pattern*laughs* will post up decent posts if anyone wants to read T_T and i'm serious bout the manymany birthdays on my Jaiku. Even daniel's birthday was on the 4th! Dahsyats. and i seriously did not know work takes up all your time. and i really mean. all.your.time. i find myself nowadays looking at every person in a perspective of "how did they managed to balance their life and look so happy". feel like interviewing everyone. *arghs* sorry. i am feeling insignificantly small, confused and lost.

p.s// oh horoscope this week dahsyats nyer...._.


  1. your drawing really cute la.... maybe u can blog using comic strip style, kkekekee

  2. come we meet up this week with daniel and beve... wan? XD

  3. I like your mug with the cat on it ...cute cute ..:P

  4. pikey : ahahah er...i can try but i don't think it's going to work.

    ichi : huhuhur i know, you wanna pull me in ka?!: D

    X : Laughs. actually its a rabbit: P