Sunday, August 26, 2007

current situation

1am update:

cause the client said my work was messy aka too much details or no focus point(which i realized but did not know how to fix it) -_- which i am like....argh!!! when no details ask for details. when got details dowan details*hentam kepala ku* i spent 3 hours adjusting and the result is still the same although i made the main object stand out...i got so frustrated that i dragged my dad out of bed to give some comments since "art" people always look at things differently from "non-art" or should i say...clients -_-''

You know what my champion dad did?

"delete this. this. that. what is this? dowan also. why got kite? what for got monkey? what is that pot of plant doing there? bicycle? what is all these extra stuffs for? background for what? dont want the bush larh! what kg feeling? all you need are chickens enough edy!"

immediately the whole thing looks better...KNS.COM.-_- maybe it is my fault alsolarh for adding so much....but i need pa(s)now is it? i have people commenting on what details to add. later, which part to fix. and now which part to delete. *pengsan*

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- brother just announced that he is going to sleep -_- why did i not appreciate sleep more when i can...ROAR.

this is work

this is also work.

no choice, either you colour them up or they colour up your life.

this week is going to be hell. hiatus again. gomennasai.


  1. lol... i understand you... my clients also the same... oh no actually, all the clients are the same... change change and change...

    say want that color, den dun wan say not nice.... ownself give suggestion but not nice, i have to do double work... haizzzzz...

  2. Desyoh! i do until my head feels so pening these few days. lightheaded.cannot think edy just hentam do only