Monday, December 7, 2009

the b.b night

*clears throat*
b.b stands for belated birthday :D


mr.kickboxer turned up at my doorstep with Baskin Robbins (and his apparently lonely Vodka bottle) to celebrate my belated :D
he felt bad for not wishing on time and it was a good reason to meet there he was at my house 9+pm. suffered by waiting for me to finish work. once done, my mom started her ritual.
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feeding my dear unsuspecting friends alcohol regardless of who is it-_-'' she has a lot more stashed up for the coming holidays and fruit cake *drools*

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*argh typo! HE likes jamoca. i like the almonds*

then it was my turn to feel bad. cause i just said that usually people call and ask what flavour i want to eat but he's the first one that bought something that he liked after trying a whole lot of flavours. i din't mean to make him feel bad-_- sigh* had the wrong effect and meaning i wanted to portray.

which i did quickly explained-_- swt. i though it was refreshing for him to buy what he wanted cause in that case i knew what flavour he liked (+1 point in knowing a friend's likes/dislikes) cause furthermore i eat almost any flavour anyway. asking me would have resulted in "anythinglar" and i order according to the mood:D i do have a favourite baskin flavour but it's more to memories sake then taste seriously.

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cause mr.kickboxer is a novice at drinking :D hahaha he had horrible mixing ratios and your dear friend here din't bother to correct him :P cause i am cruel like that *nyehehehe* he had 3 cups, felt a lil woozy and decided to stop..along came yogi bear-_-''' who continuously poured a proper ratio mixture of cranberry juice+vodka....hahah and thus this summarize my night. (and morning...until 3.30am wei! my tummy was growling haha)

the main talking topic?
joint pains-_-
muscle ache.
body sores

really dead give away to our age. what kind of topic are those?!! *roar*

thank you to the both sakais. i will forever love our ikan bakar meet-ups :D
imma wanna cut down on my ice-cream intake but NOT WORKINGLOR.

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