Thursday, December 31, 2009


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it has been a veryvery long time since i kissed a girl :D *laughs*

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it also has been a long time since i spent new year's countdown with these sakais (although funnily we were exchanging X'mas presents as well). the last time was prolly 05/06 where we were stuck at the Curve while avoiding all the spray things that everyone was playing. topping the night with tom yum soup and lou shi fun at Murni's.

yes. that extra person is my mom. HAHA-_-''

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went back to last year's road to view fireworks :D no need to squeeze and can go anytime after viewing, avoiding all jam! last year there wasn't a single person doing this. this year the road was filled to the brim!! everywhere!! at first was standing another side, i think Cineleisure's building smack in the middle BLOCKING THE FIREWORKS just as jelly predicted (i almost killed him) ran over aside for a better view!! :D


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