Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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i am sooooooooooooo gonna watch it again!
(i know i'm so late in watching but bleah.)
i think i say the same thing for every Disney movie. *laughs*
maybe the company makes it all better too. it was just so....amusing! i was so glad to see that Disney has not lost their touch after about..5 years since their last 2D cartoon. it still contained the certain Disney essence cliche Disney was to throw such punchline, how cliche of Disney to draw this particular character or how the musicals always end up to be extravagant.

but it's the clicheness that i missed so dearly. 2D cartoon gave some effect that 3D can never achieve..well at least to me. although i felt to a certain extend the characters lacked of development but because it was so enjoyable you tend to push everything aside and just sit back, relax and have fun:D i never laughed so loud and so long in my life for quite some time. (i must have scared the hell out of the kid beside me...with his mom-_-'' swt)
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sigh* i can go on and on how much i love this scene. how much i love that act. how much this how much that. but seriously this is one of the first time that dingding! the not that alll glamorous :D dingdingding 2. the so real life. HAHA. independent, work comes first yadayada. but in the end love surpasses them all. awhhhhhhhs. sorry...cheesy but that's what fairytales does :D makes you smile at the very least.

the best thing bout Disney, other then moral values are always the sidekicks. wahlaoeh-_-'' i am soooo amused by Lottie. damn cute! crazy. i think on a bad day must be a plus point to have someone like her around. Oh. last but not least...what's with the firefly becoming a star next to evengaline!? BLeah. LAME!!! haha and omg....the ending where they became humans again left me and ms.boobs so speechless..we were like..."okay come we did not think of that!?"

"well..the movie would have ended in 30 minutes if the frogs were that smart. smart scriptwriter."

seriously, don't bother asking my mom.

oh. don't bother to ask jelly anything also. every answer he gives ....CAN KILL YOU ONE!!!! GILER.

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