Friday, October 12, 2007

Haagen Dazs Buffet

was supposed to work from home today..but -_- i got dragged out from bed early in the morning just to follow my dad pay bills and realized that most government office weren't open (pay or we will cut your bills!!! but..not open-_- whack you for destroying my sleep). dad decided to make use of my presence and took me "hang kai". went to see his clients. went to his kilang. here and there until in the end, he just went where he wanted to go and i slept in the car-_-''

mom went gila afterwards to know that i was home and not at work cause she was waiting for the perfect timing to go for this!!!!!

when i told my mom bout this lastlast week? she was forcing me to take a day's leave to teman her go makan. "canlarh!!! you intern only what! not even a proper job, can take wanlarh! sick also you don't take! just take for oncelar!"

and as for 40tripleD..."you fake sicklarh! then we together go!"

....she memang gila-_-'' becareful of my mama.

the day before she forced me to call to check whether this is a scam..-_- so i called up Haagen Dazs while at work to reconfirm things...mana tau...

"hello, this is bulat. this is Bangsar Village Haagen Dazs right? Can i have the number for Bangsar Village 2 haagen Dazs?"
"yes, ma'am"(heavily indian accent, like coated like that)
"it's xx xxx x tfhick"
......"sorry what was the last number? six is it?!"
"yes, tfhick"

after calling that number......
"hello is this Haagen Dazs? would like to enquire bout the RM33.90 buffet"
"sorry, ma'am. that is only applicable at Bangsar Village 2"
"....erm..isn't this Bangsar Village 2?"
"no ma'am , it is Bangsar Village"
"...oh(thinking i got the wrong number) ...then may i have bangsar village 2's number?"
"xx xxx x6"
"this is the number i called-_-"
"....oh yes ma'am, this is Bangsar Village 2. How may I help you"
..pengsanla aku.

anyway...she dragged me. along we went to Bangsar village 2 with her gym kaki and her daughter to go makan.
Belgian Chocolate • Chocolate Chocolate Chip • Chocolate • Coffee • Cookies & Cream • Macadamia Nut • Strawberry • Vanilla . Can have toppings as well, anything other than fruits(my beloved cherries T_T and pistachio)
the super nice "scooper" whom is puasaing and what is he doing? working here on raya's eve?!!
one thing bout Haagen Dazs, the ice cream melts faster than you scoop-_-'
mom's friend ordered a banana slpit for RM24.90 -_- my mom was scolding cause why pay so much for 3 scoops. of course , she had the "i cannot eat so many scoopslarh!" and the...most kanasai answer of all she added "yours got no banana!!! "

and i dieded. LOL-_-'

9 scoops only. HOW COME?!!! that's very litte lorh!-_- i expected to eat 12 (i have eaten 12 scoops before at yuan's steamboat..after steamboat some more!) but i was really COLD and...Erm...hahhahaha i don't know why every flavour that was white (vanilla..cookies and cream..) had this "santan-ny" taste. -_- i felt we should have stayed longer, not even 2 hours then cabut already. but now i know, i eat more when i am in front of the TV. distraction marh: D and once you stop, the fullness really comes to you.

mom's friend daughter ate 10 1/2.lose to a 14 year old!!! ROAR! but she damn keng...right after that she went to eat lamb...or salmon...apparently neighbour cooked for some party celebration

i went off to makan with buaya vinny, piggy, changeiam all of em! i also gila. can eat some more-_-

hohohoho. who wants to guess how much my mom ate?: D

p.s// there was this guy next to us with his "girl friend" damn gila also. he 3 bowls, the girl ate once only...-_-

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